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Vehicle Fueling


FleetFuel Tank Systems are ideal for vehicle fueling applications. Our systems are pre-engineered with your vehicle fueling application in mind. FleetFuel Tank Systems come to you assembled, tested and ready to operate. Our systems are approved to store many different types of fluids including gasoline, diesel, alternative fuels and blends, compressed natural gas, lubricants and diesel exhaust fluids (DEF). FleetFuel Tank Systems range in capacity from 250-30,000 gallons and can be designed so that a single tank can store and dispense multiple products at the same time.


Vehicle Fueling


Our systems can be equipped with a variety of dispensers, electronic fuel-level monitoring systems that will notify you via email when fuel levels need replenishing, fleet/driver management systems that track fuel consumption by vehicle and by driver and reported to you on any schedule desired and a long list of other best in class components that make the FleetFuel Tank System the leader in pre-engineered storage and dispensing technology.

Fleet Fuel Tank Systems meet or exceed all NFPA 30 and 30A code requirements. Our systems can be single or double-wall construction, fire rated, and even ballistic rated if your application requires.


Mini Vehicle Fueling

Compact Vehicle Fueling Station



Pumphouse option for weather protection


Compact with built-in fuel management


Feaures & Benefits


  • Pre-Engineered turn key system
  • Environmentally safe Double wall systems
  • Portable- Lifting lugs set up for future relocation
  • Factory installed components- system ships fully assembled, just provide power
  • Spill Containment- Built in spill containment for fill and dispenser
  • Fire Resistent or Protected Tanks UL142 & UL2085
  • Custom Sizes from 250 gallons to 30,000 gallons
  • Single or Dual product tanks
  • Systems set up for gas, diesel, E-85, Jet-A, Avgas, Oil, lube & Chemical
  • Multiple options for pumps or dispensers to match your needs


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Our engineered systems are delivered to you completely assembled and ready to deploy for use, simply attach to a power source or you can upgrade to our totally self contained, self powered top of the line FleetFuel Tank System which is used by our military in combat zones and emergency fueling situations around the globe. Our system is trusted by the United States Military, FEMA, and some of the worlds’ largest corporations because of its rugged construction, reliability, embedded technology and the fact that our systems are engineered to be fire and ballistic rated if necessary.